AlphaFX Automated Trading Software

The Only Trading Software You’ll Ever Need!

Works On Any Device 

Check in any time and on any device and watch the system work for you. The software can be installed on your desktop, tablet or your mobile.

Track your progress 24/7 from where ever you are.

AlphaFX Premium Features


24/7 Access

The Foreign Exchange markets are a 24-hour marketplace. AlphaFX gives you access 24

Multiple Market Access

Completely compatible with foreign exchange, commodities and indices. 

Very Minimal Outlay

Set up and Utilise an account with a balance as small as AUD$1,000.

No Experience Required

You don’t need to learn anything about finance, markets or trading.

No Lock-in Contract

Once purchased, the system belongs to you outright with no ongoing costs.

Professional Support

High level of Support from our highly trained and educated Experts.

Multiple Market Access


Foreign Exchanges

Trading international currency differentials 24/7, the AlphaFX software trades for you, day in, day out..


Taking winnings from the peaks and options on the troughs of commodities such as oil and precious metals.


Speculate on weighted averages derived from the companies listed on global exchanges.

New Markets

Take advantage of new markets without having to study for hours to understand them.

"Back in the good books with the wife."

– Gary, Gold Coast

Trading Is Complicated.
AlphaFX Makes It Easy.